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Hi! My name is Megan! i love Chocolate and Hanging out with my friends! i love reading stories so if any of yall are writing some i would love to check them out :) I am a Christain and a Directioner! <3 i have amazing friends! swimmingGir158 and Bananana2397 are my Witty sisters! Check them out! Any Questions? Just Ask :)

Quotes by QTPI_97

I wish I could take my own advice
Sometimes its easy to forget, and other times its impossible
My dog shedded on me.
So I did what any person would do.
Put my hair on her.
Now were even.
I am perfectly capable of putting on my own necklace,
But i'd rather you do it

When you love hanging out with your boyfriend all day
But really wishing it was your bestfriend there beside you.

*When meeting new people*
Them: Hey i want you to meet Jim
Me: Hi im Megan
Them: Dont be shy!
Me: What the heck do you want me to say?! i just met the freakin person im not gonna start telling mylife story!! Geez...

Even when he just
holds my hand and plays with my fingers 
i get butterflies 

in my stomach

Jesus didn't die to make bad people good.
He died to make dead people live!
-Alvin Reid

and then God made Saturn...
and He liked it, so He put a ring on it.