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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you

Megan. 16. Music and drawing is my ecstasy.


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have you ever just felt lonely? even if your surrounded by your friends you can't help but feel sad.
Fall Out Boy is back from hiatus.
I'm so happy.  I've been waiting over three years for this.
These boys mean the world to me. They're my idols.
This is honestly the best day of my life. It really is.
I could never express what they mean to me.
Fall Out Boy is so much more than just my favorite band.
I'm just really happy.
I haven't been genuinely happy in such a long time.

I wonder if God gets excited when he sees us with the person he created
us to be with. Or if he's watching and is like--
"Ugh! Why are all my otp's walking by each other without noticing?
We are in a giant reality TV show and God and the angels are the fandom.
My original  post:

My laugh sounds like a mix between a stupid whale and death.

Does he watch your favourite movies?
Does he let you tell him all your favourite,
when you've seen it a million times?
Does he hold you when you cry?
Does he sing to all your music?
While you dance to 'purple rain'?
Does he do all these things like I
used to?


what if someone called your phone, whispered your witty username and then hung up


I Haven't had any notifications for so long, steve must have felt sorry for me so i got this instead.

Bunnylover43 Format
If there are 500 bricks on a plane and 1 falls out, how many are there?

What are the 3 steps of getting an elephant in the fridge?
Open the fridge, put elephant in fridge, shut the fridge.

What are the 4 steps of getting a deer in the fridge?
Open the fridge, get the elephant out, put the deer in, shut the fridge.

The Lion King is having a birthday party. Which animal isn't going?
The deer in the fridge.

A woman tries to swim across alligator infested waters. How does she do it?
Normally. The alligators are at The Lion Kings party.

She dies anyway. Why?
She gets hit on the head with the brick.

My crush told me this and I thought it was hilarious <3

Do you know
what hurts the most?

You’ll never be mine and I’ll never be yours.

We’ll be two people with separate lives.
You will never see me the way that I see you.
I know that I could wish on every falling star,
but my wish would be worth nothing.

‘Cause you’re just a dream
and I’m the dreamer.

I wish that society suddenly said that not having a boyfriend at my age was "cool"