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Hay guys My Name is Breann Almeida most people call me Bre, Peaches, or Quartochi i will be blowing my candels out for the 14th time on january 19 my bestfriends are Nicole.B, Angely.V, & Nathan.F

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This is more than a crush              
more than a like like `                    
more than a love                           
baby im going to make u mine and i aint giving up                     

The songs we sing in portuguese<3         


She means so much to me its not even funny when i talk to breann thats all we talk about i love her i really do I anoy breann with my S.H.I.T but i got to tell someone the truth I LOVE HER <3 Thanks Breann for listening :) 

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Think it's cute when guys are good with kids?


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I'm good alone,

but with you I'm better.


I wonder....

will our generation still use the



when we are


Roses are red
I have a phone
Nobody text's me
Forever alone