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Hay guys My Name is Breann Almeida most people call me Bre, Peaches, or Quartochi i will be blowing my candels out for the 14th time on january 19 my bestfriends are Nicole.B, Angely.V, & Nathan.F

Quartochi1D's Favorite Quotes

On December 21,
, I want to
get a text saying,
If the world ends today, 
I just want you to know
   I love you."


hot guy
you see in a
random place
but will never
see again.

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On a scale of 1 to Spongebob 

how ready are you? ?`d

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if you called a wrong number, and the person you called was a celebrity

-Hello? Mom?
-No. This is Lady Gaga.

When I was younger, whenever I saw a limo,
I thought someone famous was in it.


How to create a signature:
-write the first letter of your name

Fav if you still say "Duck Tape" instead of "Duct Tape"
Shut up i wear heels bigger than your D.I.C.K.
You see him cry in class because of her all you want to do his help him then kill the hoe >(
All About You...♥


Age? 13
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? not anymore...
Best Friend? Kelsey, Stephanie
Mood? Pretty Good
Crush; none....


Food? Mac and Cheese<3
Color? lime green
Candy? kit kat<3
Sneaker Brand? Nike, Vans
TV show? Dance Moms
Animal? Bunny, Dog
Letter(s)? S, R, N
Movie? The Notebook
Hobby? Sports

Have You Ever....

Dated One Of Your Best Friends: lol yes:)
Broken the Law? no..
Been Arrested? nope:)
Been on TV? yup!
Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: lol yes:)....
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