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Hay guys My Name is Breann Almeida most people call me Bre, Peaches, or Quartochi i will be blowing my candels out for the 14th time on january 19 my bestfriends are Nicole.B, Angely.V, & Nathan.F

Quartochi1D's Favorite Quotes

Ugh. I'm so ugly.

You spelt beutiful wrong.

Lol. so did you.

Why aren't you answering?

Sorry, I dropped my phone and I can't find it. I'll text you when I find it.


Did you find it yet?

Okay, let me know when you do.




We all have that one brunette friend
that always says
Sorry, I'm blonde..."

Friend: what?
Me: Im......
Friend: Your what?
Me: Im.... sexy and i know it!
Friend: you woke me up for that at 12 in the morning?
Me: yep :p

Remember when you used
to do this  ✌ when you were
taking a photo with your friends ?

School year:

Me: Yeaaaaa it's Saturday!! Let's do something crazy!!
Friend: Totally! I love the weekend!!


Me: Dude, what day is it?
Friend: I think it's Saturday
Me: oh

Every One wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you caint make a rainbow without a little rain

Why do people call eachother retarded? Being retarded is a disability thats really hard to deal with. I mean its just like saying "Hahaha you have cancer".


One day I'm gonna go to mcdonalds
And say:

"Hi, may I have a Krabby Patty with kelp
fries and extra kelp sauce?"

Because YOLO

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A girl from my class commited suicide yesterday.
She was only 12.
Can I get 12 faves for her please?


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