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Quotes by Quelis

Friend: Are you okay?
Me: *fakes a smile, holds the tears, looks into his eyes*
Me : Yes.

*me looking in the mirror*
self-esteem dies.

kill your feelings.


It's not enough, it's never enough.

Hello Witty! I'm Alexandre, Raquel's heart attack friend. I just wanted to thank you all for your support. I was speechless when she showed me that quote. Thank you so much. Raquel is an wonderful person and a very good friend. Witty is really lucky to have her. Unfortunately, I had another heart attack. A big one this time. My passport isn't coming out any time soon. I wanted to tell you all something : live every moment as if it was your last one. Just live your life. I've been through some rough times, and I thought too many times about suicide. But now that I'm closer to death, I just want to live. Be greatful for what you have and never take it for granted. I live in fear everyday that I may die anytime, anywhere. Yesterday when I was having the heart attack, I thought about so many things, like my family, I thought I would never see my friends again, especially Raquel, who gave me so much support. Without her, I'd be dead already, because she's who makes me continue to fight, I fight, so I can see her another day, because I don't know if I'll be alive the next day. I love her it all my weak heart, the world needs more people like her. Thanks for reading this. Goodbye :)

I promised myself
I wouldn't let you get
close enough to hurt me.


It's okay,
I'll rest on my own shoulder.

I wish you cared enough to stay.

Dear mom,

I'm not anti-social. People say that they're there for me, but when I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, they become deaf. When they promise me they won't leave, they always end up doing it. The times I most need, are the times they chose to walk away. People suck. I've been on my own before, it's not that hard. If people can't change and this is the way it's mean to be, I prefer to be on my own. It's not my fault, you know? You were the one who create this f*cking mess.
No, no. You don't understand. There's no
possible way you could ever understand.
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