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Quotes by QuidditchCaptain


My quotes, only tell parts of my story. Not the whole thing.
So before you start to judge/hate on someone, remember that you don't know everything.


You know, you get butterflies??
It might have escaped your notice boy, but whenever you smile at me, mine go absolutely crazy♥


    When nothing goes right, go
    left. And when nothing's left,


~ Dani ~
Not my format || ♥



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All the time I hear people say,
"Society needs to change." But what people don't
realise, is that W E  A R E  S O C I E T Y,
and it's us that need to change. But no one ever does
anything about it. It's time for society to change.
♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥
It's time for us to change.
♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥ // ♥

If you want him to treat you like a
princess, treat him like a prince.♥

jimmy365's format/ my quote. ♥


Twice today, in Physics and in Graphics
I got told by his friends.. that
we'd make a cute couple.

You do not understand my excitement.
& Two of his friends said that he kinda liked me..
So yeahh.. ;)


You don't need
TO FIT IN WITH SOCIETY. If you were, you'd be born the
same as everyone else.
But you're not everyone else.

You were supposed to be different. Individual. Unique. You were born with
different OPINIONS, different views on how to see things. Different interests.

A  D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T   P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L  I  T  Y  .

You were made to stand out from society. Just believe in yourself♥

Some people will never understand
Why I keep my distance sometimes. I'm scared that if I get too close, they'll only hurt me.♥


Not using formats, because there isn't any need to♥

This detox thing really works. Because no one knows whose quote is whose. And there's no pretty formats. This is what Witty should be like anyway. I don't mean without the formats... but just not looking at the pretty fades and the special effects and whether it's from a top-quoter. It's about the quote. And thank you Steve, for showing Wittains, it's about the meaning behind the excellent formats.