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hey everyone, i'm remi . (:
soccer and music make up my life.
taken by the best man ever.
im a down to earth, fun, and super sweet girl. 
i love everyone <3

i'll be here to help you with anything !

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favorite for:

-the kids who don't have a family.

-the kids who were abandoned by their parents.

-the people who are homeless and live on the streets.

-the people who don't have enough money and can't feed their family.

-the kids who don't know what love is.

-all of the ill and injured innocent people.

-the people who have serious illnesses such as cancer, and won't live for long.

-the people who have to hide their secrets inside because no one understands them.

-the people who feel alone, their whole life.

you don't know what someone goes through in their life.
love always.

everyone lives a different life. everyone has a different family. everyone has a different voice, and look. everyone has a different story. everyone has secrets. everyone wants to be loved. everyone wants to have all of the money in the world. everyone wants to be the most popular. everyone wants to be a superstar. everyone wants to mean everything to someone. everyone wants to wake up every day and look beautiful or handsome. everyone wants to look their best. everyone wants to be happy. 

if everyone wants the same thing,

why cant everyone love eachother?

spread the love.

w e - f o u n d - l o v e  
i n - a - h o p e l e s s - p l a c e 

Police : F R E E Z E !

Criminal : Everybody clap your hands :D
i'm here without


-you can't always get-
what you want.

d o n t  y o u  d a r e;
change for anyone.

you are who you are;
&& that will never change.


D O N ' T fall for him,

unless he's willing to catch you . <3

-r e a l  e y e s-

real lies.