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Quotes by RVM

Don’t Freeze! Surrender to the Breeze like the Trees!
A rainbow in the sky or a bird that can fly often create Joy that money can't buy!
We are FREE, not bound like a Tree. We can Move, we can Dance... We can take a Chance! #Inspiration #Motivation #RVM
The Power of Intuition is not Magic, but pure Logic for those who let it burst from their Inspiration!
Why regret that I lived miserably yesterday. Rather, why not commit and resolve to live Happily Today?
Play More, Pray More; Get More, Give More…Live More!
Tranquility is a Choice. So is Anxiety. The entire world around us may be in Turmoil. But if we want to be Peaceful within, WE Can. #Inspiration #Motivation#RVM #ThursdayThoughts
Let your Creed be to do a Good Deed. When your Focus is on your Need instead of your Greed, you will succeed.
Those who have the FREEDOM to Row can get to where they want to Go! #Inspiration #Motivation #RVM
Don't just follow the Herd. Be like a Bird. Open your wings and Fly high in the Sky!