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Quotes by RVM

When I compare my Life with others who are less fortunate, I feel so blessed and grateful that I immediately stop complaining and start Living with Joy and Gratitude.
Today is a tomorrow that we thought about yesterday. Don't worry about tomorrow. Take care of today because if you take care of today tomorrow will take care of itself.
Those who Discover the High Sea are the ones who are FREE to Be what they Want to Be
Life is not given to us just to ZOOM from WOMB to the TOMB. Slow down... Enjoy the Journey!
Do you earn for others to burn? Why not GIVE as you LIVE, so that when you die, the world will cry.
Since there is no way to Live after you die, why not Live Now!
Instead of trying to understand Life, we must live it. Create a reason to Live and progress on that path every day.
Dare to share for to Give is to truly Live.
Positive Power can inspire; Negative Power can perspire. Which power are you on?
If you live in Fear, Success will disappear.