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The name's Ruby. But you can call me Mrs. Styles. 
I'm just your typical unicorn, and I don't believe in humans. I'm a huge directioner living in a tiny country called New Zealand. I'm trying to fit in to this judgemental world, but failing miserably. I love animals and taking photographs, so I wish to be either a vet or a photographer. 
I love music, I wouldn't be able to live without it. 
My friends are incredible, but still waiting for a best friend. 
One more thing, you're beautiful. Don't ever forget that.
That's all for now stalkers 
I'm so bored D: what to do?

Quotes by R_UBY

I t ' s   f u n n y   h o w   t h r e e   w o r d s   c a n   b e   s o   h a r d   t o   s a y ;

"Mom, I'm


y o u   w e r e   t h i n k i n g   "  I   l o v e   y o u  "

p r o l o g u e / / 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Karmen, but my close friends call me Karmidello. I'm 17, and I can't wait till my mom allows me to leave the house at 18. I live in London, but me and my best mate Austin and I are planning to move to Los Angeles when I am 18. We will live with his parents by the seaside in a manshion, and I will be living the life. 
I can be a selfish b/tch, but you have to deal with that. 
I recently lost one of my close friends, but shes turned into a cow. Her name's Megan.
Too bad, it was her loss. I still have a ton of my other friends such as Amy, Natalie, Claire, Sasha, Emily, and Lucy. 
I live with my mom, little sister Riley (age 12), and my little brother Carlos (age 6).
I have brunette hair, that is down to my waist. Sometimes it's straight, sometimes it's wavy. I tend to wear it in either a straight ponytail or have it out and wavy. I have white skin, but hopefully that will change when I go to the US. And hopefully my life will too.

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Me: I feel sick
Mom: It's because you're tired
I f  I  w e r e  t w o  f a c e d ,
do you think I would be wearing this one?
Lock the door, 
p u l l   y o u r   p a n t s   d o w n ,
get         on      top       of           me,
and do your thing.
Yours sincerely, the toilet

I want a boyfriend
who ruins my lipstick,
Not my mascara

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