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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
I don't speak much because the people who do end up hurting the most 
have fun this summer ,be with your friends ,meet a special girl or boy ,and most important be happy even when its tough try ,because you're loved ...
Money doesn't get you happiness

People do ...

remember that

I love you because you made me happy and sane 

I love you because you were different 

I love you because you were beautiful 

I love you because you had the most amazing personality 

I love your eyes, your smile, your lips and everything about you 

I love you for loving me 

I love you for trusting me

I love you for being there when no one else was

I love you for putting up with me

I love you for making life more enjoyable 

I love you for giving me one of the best times of my life

I love you for not judging me 

I love you for being open

I love you for being with me 

I love you for giving me a chance

I love you for saying yes to my question on 15-2-14

I love you and every part of you, even the parts you've learnt to hate 

and even if you don't believe me and now hate me 

 I love you. I truly do, not for your looks or for your body but for you! And FOR EVERYTHING above ...

 but if you can't see that...

I'm sorry x
Someone help me please ... i'm going to kill my self someone talk me out of it 
the only thing keeping me from being happy is that it will make others sad 
i hate you ... i've never truely hated anyone before but now i hate you and i hate it 
i dont care what anyone thinks ... if i know the truth then they can keep acting like idiots