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Quotes by RaawrzzCupcakeyy

I went to the doctor yesterday because my mom found all my cuts I had on my leg. When he came in, he asked me why I self harmed and if I ever had suicidal thoughts. I told him the reason why and yes. He looked at me like I was some sort of monster. As if I was a terrible person for cutting. So thank you doctor for making me feel even worse.
can someone just please take this feeling away?
kjdfnkafjd;akjfdalfj i need to cut.
those moods you get in whn you feel like complete crap. 
So today was portfolio day at my school. We had to be dressed professionally because we would be presenting to an adult. I was wearing a white dress with brown buttons down the middle. While I was walking with my friend at school, one of my guy friends came up to us and said. " Why do you two look so beautiful?" I immediately said thank you. I was feeling so terrible today and that small compliment made me feel a little better. 
fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat. fat.
ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly. ugly.
worthless. worthless. worthless. worthless. worthless. 
stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid. stupid.
annoying. annoying. annoying. annoying. annoying.
boring. boring. boring. boring. boring. boring. boring.
^ me.
asdfghjkl; why do the littlest things affect me so much.
4 days clean until tonight. 
you guys made me cut again.  im back to cutting on a daily basis. great.