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About me.... Erm... I';m an average girl though my mind is above and beyond mental at times :) aren't we all?I love playing football, hanging with friends and doodling on places that I'm not meant to XD I like being sarcastic and I must be quite good at it as on many occasions my friends can't tell the difference :D

Quotes by Rach_K

She's stupid pretty
He's pretty stupid
Lonely loser
Chewing a tooth pick
Lost in the dark,
Trying to turn on the lights
He just wants a brawd
She wants something to bite


Frozen Quote:

Olaf: -singing- When I finally do what frozen things do IN SUMMER!!!
Kristoff: *Smirking* I'm gonna tell him.
Anna: Don't you dare.

Me: *Gasping for air*


When you cry you make an angel cry,
When an angel cries a demon is made,
When a demon is made the army grows stronger..

Please continue to send soldiers my way,
Love ya'll,

 Lucifer (Prince of Darkness) 

Tears don't fall when you cry..
Angels do.


Fan #1: I love this character!
Fan #2: Me too!
Fan #1: I can't wait to see this character...
Broken and
Fan #2: O_O


I can't walk normally without tripping, 
why would I want to tempt fate by wearing high heals?


If your parents were into traveling, and you were conceived in China,
would that make you 'made in China'?

If an eye for an eye really makes the whole world blind,
you'd think it'd be a lot harder to shoot each other.


10th September
the second season of How to train your dragon: Riders of Berk comes out!!! :3 Can't wait for that OR the movie in 2014!!! :D

true or false (:

my best friend is a girl: True
i have a boyfriend: false
i like pizza: True
i have dark eyes: False
i always wear lipstick: False
my hair is long: true
i have a friend who is at least 1 foot taller than me: true
my best friend is taller than me: FalsE

i always wear my seatbelt in the car: true
i've been to a foreign country: True
i've broken a bone: false
i've had a professional manicure: false
i drive: half true (I'm a learner)
i need to lose weight: um... I wouldn't mind losing some
i have dressed up as santa before: false
i have or have had a pet cat: false
i have or have had a pet dog: true
i love to read: true
i love taking surveys/quizzes online: true