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My name would be Rachel Lynn.
.Small. Town .Girl.
Seventeen Candles will be blown out
on the 15th of April by yours truly .
Five feet is where my head greets the sky.
Singing is the best way for me to

Acting has never been a game     but a
Theatre is my life. Period.
I tend to be pretty outspoken. Just A Bad Habit.
But it's fine.                 We don't judge.

The most important people came
   into my life                                      and never left;;  
I love them for it and I won't share them.
 Now,     Get Off My Profile. 

Go Fall in Love or Something.  


Quotes by Rachel_Loves_Yous15

                                                                                            WHEN THE GORGEOUS NEW BOY WANTS TO  
get to know you
                                               INSTEAD OF THE POPULAR GIRL 

When he says something incredibly wonderful and you're just like...
"Pants. Go on the floor." 


Him: Let's have a baby and go on Teen Mom.      .
My Best Friend:  Is that his way of hitting on you?
Telling you he wants to knock you
 up and go on a trashy TV show?
How absolutely flattering.  I'd date him.
True story.

      Go ahead & take it,                        
it's  only  my  heart, right? 


   Let's give a twist to an old love story


Hello, Sir.

    So, you're really cute. Would you      mind asking me out?


 And he said;
"Plus, it's Tuesday!
Which has absolutely nothing
to do with what we're talking about...
It's just the day   I tell you that
I like you. 
And I want us to be together." 
Guess who hasn't stopped smiling

"He's short for a guy. 
     --> But you're a friggin' midget. So you'll still be a cute couple."

And this is why girls love their best friends♥ 

We don't get to choose who we fall in love with
                       And it never happens like it should