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wow okay heyo, it's rachael, yes the more new and improved. i actually have better vocabulary and grammar than i did when i was 13.
i'm a 15 year old loser who is in love with theater productions, acting, halloween, one direction, dan howell and probably alot more-
I happen to be very busy for being in my sophmore year, i have drama things after school and at times i have tech crew for the upcoming play we have which i should be attending here in a few weeks. i may not be on yet, yes i know lame. but yeah, that's all you need to know for now, i'm still as lame as i was.

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yes hi hello i'm horrible okay i'm back and just wanted to apologize, i'm in highschool now and its just askdjghfaektrgh

Peeps i be back cx
to all my followers.......

you're cute as a button every single one of you ;)
My new my old one got suspened :( so if you were friends with me please ask me so i can friend you back!!!
Ello Everyone! i'm here to tell you all i got a wattpad and i have a story up on the website now i would lovvee it if you checked it out PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE
my friend chloie just forced me to read homestuck and i am only on act one and there is 5 parts 5 PARTS it will take forever to read >.<
Drunk Louis

Louis: I wasn't that drunk!

Zayn: you went up to baby lux and said "don't worry niall you'll grow up."
IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOW 13!!!!! (offically)! I AM SO HAPPY!!! although it's raining here in florida :\
My birthday is in 3 days and i might be sick on my own birthday -.-