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•My Name Is Rachel•
                         I am 18 years old! My birthday is Aug 8.
                           I hope you like my quotes :)


Quotes by Rachleexx3

*Girl breaks her leg*

Doctor: How do you feel?
Girl: As healthy as a horse!
Doctor to the nurses: !@#$, we have to shoot her.
One Day
I was working at a grocery store.
A customer asked where the nearest bank was.
Rather than telling him it was by the hot dog guy,
I told him it was by the
"Hot Guy"
Friend 1: I'm finally over him!
Friend 2: That's great! Finally! Be right back, I have to pee.
Friend 1: He used to pee...
Friend 2: ...

 That       Random Watch
That has been hidden in your closet for years
But still has the alarm go off everyday

At The Same Time

C o u r t  d i s m i s s e d.
Bring in the dancing

l o b s t e r s

Finding a cute pair of underwear
Noticing that the butt says "Bite Me," and "Spend the Night."
Then thinking,
"These will really impress the guys dogs that see my underwear"

If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly

then why did it fall off?

type here

That awkward moment when:

 y o u  s t a r t  r e a d i n g  t h e  a d s  o n  W i t t y
 as if they're quotes

type here

Screw love?

Screw the person who made you think like that

Rihanna keeps asking
"where have you been all my life?"
But... I thought she found love
"in a hopeless place"...