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Hi Witty Profiles! I'm Skyler/ RaeBaby123. I have been on Witty since the 28th of December 2011, and plan to be here a long time. I'm 5'7, have one brother, blonde hair, blue eyes, and my bestfriend is xoxoCandyxoxo, follow her and her amazingness. I blow out the candels on September 12th (I'll be 14). Follow for follow guaranteed. Thanks for visiting my profile. Leave me a comment if you wanna chat. Ask if you wanna know more. Bye lovely. .

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Sooo... I  haven;t  vented  in a  long  long time, so
here  goes  nothing;

Recently, I visited Illinois (My hometown, woo) and I saw one of my old family friends, (almost everyday I might add,

not even close to complaing), and let me tell you. A lot of the guys in Florida by me are not very smart, and not very

attractive I may add, but Ben, is so different. Ben's always been amazing, I've loved him since we were little kids, but

now I feel so self- consious (more than usual) around him. He's smart, and funny, and tall and cute, and perfect. We

were up there for 10ish days, and every night we talked for at least 3 hours, if not more. His niece and nephew came in

for 4th of July, and I wanted to cry. He's so good with them, (their almost 3 and just turned 1), and we even got to

babysit for an hour or so. One night, a couple days before 4th of July, he had found out that I cut before. He wasn't 

mad, or creeped out, or upset, or awkward about it. He was calm, and patient, and he tried to pry it out of me. No, I

didn't tell him, that night. We wrote letters, and I told him then. God I miss him, but there is a high part of this... He said

(though I know it won't work) that he would try to turn around my self confidece. Him calling me beatiful makes me

want to cry, punch him, and hug him all at the same time. So yeah, totally not what I wanted to vent about, but

if you read it I love you.<3 .

I saw this at

"I'm fine"
~"No you're not, tell me what's wrong."~

First time that ever happend was last night with my best guy friend of 8 years.

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A  vent;

It's kind of funny acctually, how many 'friends' I have, because aren't friends

supposed to know EVERYTHING about you? Right? No. Most, no all, of my friends

don't know me. None of them. They can go ahead and think that, but they don't, no

ma'm/ sir they do not. I want them to, but I'm holding back. Fearing the outcome.

I wish I wasn't so scared of EVEYRONE and EVEYRTHING. My friends; Hailey,

Morgan, Savanna, Daryin, Cameran, Toaster, Dani, Rylee, Kayla, Julia, and

Jasmine. They don't know me. Sydney, Alyssa, Nadalia, Jacob, and maybe even

Terry. They know the part of me I want them to know. I guess I need to get this

out, or it may kill me. I hate myself. I don't like compliments, I hate dogs,

I don't deserve a boyfriend, I can't stand looking at myself, I've tried

more than once to starve myself. I have to self- control. And I'm depressed.

There you go. Take your blows.

Hey witty directioner's that are on facebook;
can you like my page pretty pretty please? I'll love you forever and ever!


hello people! im sydney (xoxocandyxoxo). im skylers bestest buddy and wife. today skyler got her phone, ipod, and laptop taken away for a MONTH. ): idk how im gonna go that long without talking toher. :\ so i just wanted to get on an let you guise know(: ~*~peace

Does someone want to do my profile?
Pleaaaaase? (: ♥

Playing the random game with Terry;

Terry: Boyfriend
Me: Uuuuuum, girlfriend.
Terry: Us.
Me: *le dead*

True story.
That awkward moment when your too lazy to type your awsome quote so you type; I HATE SCHOOL. instead.

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Just about to
break down, cry, and maybe even cut. And then I get a call, from my cousin. Just to say;
I love you Shkyler. Thank you Lucy <3 .