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Hi Witty Profiles! I'm Skyler/ RaeBaby123. I have been on Witty since the 28th of December 2011, and plan to be here a long time. I'm 5'7, have one brother, blonde hair, blue eyes, and my bestfriend is xoxoCandyxoxo, follow her and her amazingness. I blow out the candels on September 12th (I'll be 14). Follow for follow guaranteed. Thanks for visiting my profile. Leave me a comment if you wanna chat. Ask if you wanna know more. Bye lovely. .

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New witty bestfriend? You must;

1. Be crazy/random/ fun-loving

2. Have a phone, and enjoy texting
3. Cannot hate One Direction. I could care less if you like them, you

just can't hate them.

4. Be 12-14 & in middle school.

5.  And finally; have a facebook.

Any takers? ~xoxo Skyler

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That awkwards moment when ;

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You try to fave this quote...

I'm laying in my room on the vere of tears, I suck it up and go out there. *BAM* silence.
I just want to SCREAM.

Hey I just met you, and this is

crazy, but here's my youtube

video, so watch it maybe?


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I knew f*ckerr b efore she was witty famous.

You jelly bro? (;

I hate everything about myself.
number 1 being my weight.
Witty, do you think you could help me
out with this situation?
1 fave = 10 situps
1 comment = 10 jumping jacks.
Thank you beautifuls.


I have 10 scars for ten insucurites. I don't like being complimeted. I can't stand people. I like being alone, but crave affection. I want to cut SO bad, but I won't because I'm trying to help my friend get better. I'm the type of person who HATES looking in the mirror in fear of how many new zits or pounds may be there. I'm sick of being fat. I hate myself. No one knows me, and I'm okay with that. I never want to go to school ever. I'm too quiet until you know me then I'm annoying. I'm awkward. I'm falling too hard too fast again for Terry. I'm sick of life. I want to be 90 and almost dead. I'm so so done. Just a vent, if you read it all I love you
lately everyones been asking what was wrong. I was really confused, until I realized my fake smile decided now would be a good time to give up, just like I want to.
"No more witty, go do something productive." - Mom lolno . thanks witty mobile (:
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