Status: I love rainbows so much, I must be on Drugs c:
Joined: June 30, 2013
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Location: With Princess Bubblegum ^.^
Gender: F

Hey, I'm Leah and... Yes I am a Girl =^.^=
I love Anime, Nightcore/Trance/Happy Hardcore, S3RL,
Rainbows, Kandi, Hamsters, DOOF DOOF, Miku Hatsune,
Stardoll (Deadmau5x), short hair, Stars, Astronamy, Your Mum, Pikachu, Stuff and ... Stuff <3


My Favorite Yotubers: SassiBoB, Danisnotonfire, JennaAnne, Mychonny, MilesJai, Pewdiepie,
AmazingPhil and ComunityChannel.

Strange Things About Me: I'm a gamer, I love football (ecspecially rugby),
I baby talk to everyone ^.^ and I love to Triple Dip xD

I can never get enough of: Dubstep, Ed Sheeran, Dogs, Youtube,
Gaming, Self Pics, NIGHTCORE, drawing on myself and of course...


Things that i can not wait for: A Girlfriend :),
getting short hair, getting a hamster, disabled people to have a cure,
Homosexuals to be Accepted, all war to stop and a cure for everything in the world.

Things i wish: Rainbow unicorns were real, pigs could fly, my brother to understand me,
that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that nyan cat was in real life.


Meh Favorite YouTubers



Jenna Anne


Miles Jai

Meh Favorite Singers or DJ's


Ed Sheeran






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