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 hey witty. I am leaving for a little while. not forever, I can promise that, but for a while. I thank all the people I have met here, and everyone who followed me. I enjoyed the time I had here. well, this pres is getting sad, sorta like a funeral. so let's turn this into a happier one, shall we ? christmas is comming up, so I'll be here for christmas, to wish my friends a happy christmas, so you can contact me then, and I just might even be here for thanksgiving. love always, juliee <3<3<3

Quotes by RainbowMe

I've never been skydiving, but I've

zoomed-in on google Earth really fast.


The awkward moment when...
You text the wrong person, and wind up sending that text to THEM -_-

*slams phone at wall* She said forever! She said she loved me. She said she'd be mine, forever. I guess forever is over. It's all over.
*locks bathroom door, sits on floor and cries* All those hugs. The kisses. The I Love You More fights. All meant nothing to him. He played me. Am I really that worthless?

smile at someone once in awhile
it might just make their day
the only thing stronger than

Stay calm
b.itch, please, I'm angry !


What's up?
Thinking about you.

Im thinking about her.
Of course you are.


Okay, so I just need to vent right now, becuase I am really p.issed. I understand that some of you DO REALLY have insecurities, but when you are extreamly gorgeous, and you're all, I'm so fat, I'm ugly, ect., and you KNOW you're gorgeous, don't keep saying that. Like, you already know you're beautiful, you don't have to keep saying those things to get people to say, oh no, you're gorgeous. That just p.isses me the f/uck off. why would you do that, like are you THAT desperate for attention ?! I'm really sorry, if you take this vent the wrong way, but I just need to explain this to everyone.  Thanks for listening -_- 
Everyone has a dark side,
will you love me ?
will you love mine ?

shocker !

To all you people who are hating on

justin bieber, one direction ect. you

are spending just as much time

hating on them, as someone who

loves them. yeahhh.