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 hey witty. I am leaving for a little while. not forever, I can promise that, but for a while. I thank all the people I have met here, and everyone who followed me. I enjoyed the time I had here. well, this pres is getting sad, sorta like a funeral. so let's turn this into a happier one, shall we ? christmas is comming up, so I'll be here for christmas, to wish my friends a happy christmas, so you can contact me then, and I just might even be here for thanksgiving. love always, juliee <3<3<3

Quotes by RainbowMe

Keep calm

and remember

harry is still


you're the only thing I got right, the only one I let inside.


True 2 you
nobody's perfect, but whoever asked you to be ?


I just want to beat the

crap out of cancer right

now,  no one desirves

this, why it has taken so

many lives is beyond me.

No matter how many

times I can say I hate

cancer, nothings

diffrent.  But just know

that my heart goes out to

all you people who have

ever had and/or battled

cancer. I love you.

i use to love you,

untill s.lut city rolled in...

That moment of shame

when you have to give the jar to someone else to open...

The awkward moment when your at the beach, and the sand decides to grope  you...
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