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Quotes by RainbowSprinkles13

[Who knows anything anymore?]
Certainly not me.}

My fingertips are holding on to
The cracks in our foundation.
--->I know that I should let go,

But I can't.
You don't have to pick me up,
or hug me from behind,
or move my hair out of my face and kiss me.
You don't have to make me cheesy love cards,

or write me songs,
or even invite me places.
But, if we're going to date,
if you tell me you love me, mean it.

[He has fat, and isn't afraid to admit it.]
(He has acne, and he isn't ashamed of it.)
{He isn't good at everything, and he knows it.}

Why can't I be more like him?

That awkward hug with your best guyfriend
____ that lasts five seconds longer than it should've.

This video is about a girl<<
__Telling people to be more
confident, and not to worry
>about what you look  like,
Because we are all______
beautiful. It is very inspir-
ational, and I want [xxxxx]

everyone to watch it.

Like is similar to hot chocolate.
At first it's hot, but it eventually fades.
Love is similar to a rainbow.
It's always there, you just have to find it.

Sixth Grade:
*gets caught texting in class*
Teacher: I'm telling your parents.

Kid: *starts crying* No! It won't happen again, I promise!
Eighth Grade:
*gets caught texting in class*
Teacher: I'm telling your parents.

Kid: Who do you think I was texting, dumbshit?

Today, I learned
[my best friend hurts herself.]
She has a witty, but I'm not telling you it.
I love her with all my heart. She means the world to me.
She has helped me through so many hard times and
was my friend even when it was uncool.

I love you Twimm, please stop.