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I absolutly hate school. I hate people. I love people who have a lot in common with me. I love music. It's saved me. Ghost Adventures is my favorite show. I love when a song can describe me perfectly. I love making new friends. I'm nice until you piss me off or annoy me. Until then, I'm easy to get along with. (: Chat me sometime!

Quotes by RainbowUnicorns33

From the moment I meet you, I respect and trust you. Once you do something to f/ck that up, you're done/ Good luck getting that back.
My favorite things have become:
-working out

I don't care what you think, my grandma thinks I'm special. <3 (:
-Love you grandma <3

I'm sick of being treated like a complete piece of sh/t. I'm sick of being ignored and forgotten about. I thought I was important but guess not.
5 months without talking to my 'bestfriend'. Is that supposed to happen??...
February 1, 2012

People can't mind their f/cking business and it's really annoying. If things don't involve you, keep out of it. Okay day pretty much, just thinking a lot and in pain. So really..not any better than yesterday.

So I kinda want to make a diary thing? okokok so I'm gonna start now

January 31, 2012,
Normal day pretty much. Some b/tch hot me in the face and I swung back. Yaa knowww. Uhm a girl tripped over a rug right before lunch and it was funny as f/ck. Went to work, work always calms me down. The people there dont peeve me off like the people at school do. Yup, thats abouttt it.

I may not be the skinniest person out there, or the smartest. I may not be 'super popular'. I may not have a lot of friends, but for once in my life, I can say I just don't give a crap anymore. My height, weight, and who I hang out with, don't define me. And I'm sick of everyone thinking it does. I'm me for a reason. I wouldn't want to be someone else. Yes, I may look at other girls and think 'wow she's pretty', but I wouldn't want to be anyone else. I'm happy with who I am and what I have. I was given this body for a reason, and I'm going to make the most of it. So believe what you want, I don't care anymore. Carry on.
I hate how I get in trouble for the littlest things. Always me, no one else. I have 2 other siblings ya know. It's not just me. Geez.
So I'm the only person in my family that isn't in a motherf/ckin relationship. Like, this isn't funny anymore.
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