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Heyy, my name's Chrissy and I'm 14 years old!
I love to read, write, listen to music, and obsess over famous people that don't even know I exist.
My favorite band is One Direction c:
I also really enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, fun., Flo-Rida, and others who I can't think of at the current moment.
A few of my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, the Percy Jackson series, Maximum Ride, The Mortal Instruments, and The Gone Series.


Quotes by Raining_Sunshine

Remeber when I was the shlt on this website?
Hahaha yeah me neither.
Hey guys.
Sooooo, does anybody have a Wattpad account, by any chance?
Teacher: Using your planner is very important
Teacher: You might not know what he said or what she said was for homework
Me: Well we all know what she said

and that's the story of how I got detention on the 7th day of school

My School Thought It Would Be Funny To
play "Heat of the Moment" over the loud speaker
a n d   a n n o u n c e   t h a t   t h e y   w e r e   s e r v i n g   "P i g   i n   a   P o k e"   t o d a y
Stomach: Hey, look it's your crush!
Stomach: I think it's about time to see if he has a whale fetish.
Me: No-
Stomach: *makes dying whale sounds*

Tbconsidereawesomyomust bone othe following:

a wizard
a Shadowhunter
a demigod
Johnny Depp

I don't make the laws I just enforce them
I really want to learn how to play guitar,
but I'm too lazy to YouTube how to.
Please tell me I'm not the only one with problems like this.

Happy Birthday to me, 
one year closer to 103
I drank a ton of coffeeeeeeeeeeee
Okay I have to pee.

If anyone just sang that to the Tune of "Happy Birthday" your awesomeness level is unmatchble.
But yeah, I'm 14 now!
Woot woot

Human: Whoa, my stomach just made a dying whale sound!
Whale: Whoa, my stomach just made a dying human sound!

Hey, it's Chrissy, I heard you just got a phone

Yea it's awesome.

I even learned some tricks
Umm, like what?