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Hey there!  i am Ramon :)  I will be blowing out the candles for the 14th time on July 12th.  I am funny and athletic.  I love sports but my main hobby is soccer.  I have two bestfriends, Sarah and Stephanie.  They are amazing.  Sarah and I have a complicated relationship.  We went out in the past and idk ig i still love her.  She is beautiful, athletic, and amazing.  Stephanie and i are also a litttle complicated.  I have known her forever now.  She has a very similar life as me.  We fight a lot more then normal, but that's what brings us closer.  She is athletic, amazing, and i can honestly say that i love her, also.  Well yeah.  Check out my quotes and Follow me :)

Quotes by Ramon

She means so much to me its not even funny when i talk to breann thats all we talk about i love her i really do I anoy breann with my S.H.I.T but i got to tell someone the truth I LOVE HER <3 Thanks Breann for listening :) 
i love how she is writing qoutes about me in math and im talking about sarah normington and she hates the fact that im talking about her and now shes saying i hate you when she knows she doesnt but its ok breann
We will hold hands together
Laugh and smile together
Share our secrets together
And help each other together

We will confess our fears together
Wipe each other’s tears together
Confort each other together
And confide in each other together

We will talk about the darkness together
Write depressing poems together
Slit our wrists together
Scream in pain together

We will embrace sorrow together
Feel each other’s pain together
Plan our deaths together
And endure our suicides together  
yea sarah normington
so lets do all does things together
Kiss me now kiss me then
Your lips so soft I need you again
Kiss so special, so perfect so right
Eyes engage for an endless night
Kiss so soft kiss so sweet
Behind your kiss a hidden treat
Kiss so special kiss sureal
No kiss from the past has this feel
Kiss so good kiss so great,
Kisses from you almost seem like fate,
A Kiss from me a kiss to you,
kisses from you are always so true,
Kisses a plenty kisses a few,
This kiss this feeling I never knew,
A kiss from you needs me to make two,
I'd rather have few,
than to loose my chance with you        
                         KISS ME
kiss me and make the sorrowful pain go away
kiss me and tell me everything will soon be okay

kiss me and hold me tightly close to you
kiss me and whisper sweet words that are true

kiss me and and lay me on the bed
kiss me from my toes to my head

kiss me here and kiss me there
kiss me all over and anywhere

kiss me softly
and kiss me hardly

kiss me from ear to ear
kiss me after wipe my tear

kiss me kiss me kiss me more
and if you can't do that at least for once let me through the door        
Love is a drum….you should never miss a beat 
i’ve heard you can only fall in love once but when i hear her voice i fall in love all over again. 
If kisses were water, I would give u a sea. If hugs were leaves, I would give u a tree. If LIFE was a planet, I would give u a galaxy, if friendship is life I will give u mine!!!
Come live in my heart, and pay no rent. 
You’re so sweet there’s a wanted poster for you at the candy store.