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Quotes by Randomgurlx0

BoyFriend: Do you know what ABCDEFG means?
GirlFriend: No, what does it mean
BoyFriend: A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl!<3
GirlFriend: AWWW!
BoyFriend: And do you know what HIJK means?
GirlFriend: No, what?!
BoyFriend: Haha, I'm Just Kidding
GirlFriend:-_- F*** YOU!!!





Girl Language
I understand = I have no idea of wtf you are talking ABOUT?!?!

Type your name with your nose! and plz keep it going
la5yem- haahaa lauren im cool!
qao6sswaq- alyssa haha im rong
aqloexaq- Alexa haha

shannon- shannon 1rite
janine- Janine :D
swte3ph- steph haha
nichole-nichole YESSSSS
ash- ash:D
kylee- kylee=)
amber- =D
caereloleyu- carley =0 OH NO!
rachel- ha! own!
wsop0yi8aq- Sophia! haha! I stink!
dc045raqol9- im awesome!!! hah Coralie
jqeer6-Maddy haha i suck
emilt6-Emily roflshimpimp
waedt4ri--Adri (I losee) hahaa.
ghashbhb6y7- gabby :] im bad!
frallonh-fallon I SUCK lol
sasnmnmyhj- sammy(: .. yeshh i rockk
kelaeryb- Kelsey/ woah :) (pinkypromise66)
as n gv43343l, - Angel. I'm awesomee I knoww :] (pray4angels)
courtn3y-Courtney(: (bambi159)

sabrina~ Sabrina. and no i didn't cheat. I am just gifted like that. haha. (:

chlooe3 ~ Haha,it's Chloe

kqi65op7j -- kaitlyn

HNNAH-- hannah

sarfdsa- sara

the number of razors in the shower doesnt equal the number of girls in the house...0.o

my dad was watching iCarly and 
he started to cry
when she was moving to Yakama.....
stay strong dad stay strong

its as awkward as having 69 messages from your ex...

the ultimate girl handshake
loser loser double loser

as if whatever
whip a tear blow a kiss
elbow elbow wrist wrist
mess with me mess with this
brick wall waterfall
gurl u think u got it all
u dont i do so
poof with the attitude poof
be gone ur breath is to stong
but wait come back
i got a tick tack
not a tick
not a tack
buth the whole darn pack! 

I feel
bad for the
girl whos
name is

(^-^) So i got you a cookie..
( > )>o

... (^-^) But then i was like...
 o<( <)

(^-^) I ate your cookie. Ops.
(> <)

(^-^) So i got you a little waffle..
(> )>#

    (^-^) But then i was like..
 #<( <)

(O_O) Man this waffle be lookin' GOOD!!

(^-^) So i ate your waffle too.
(> <)