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Hello beautiful(: looks like you came across my profile! My name is Emilee and im 14 years old. I blow out my candles on September 2nd. I think i found him<3 he is so special to me just as i am to him<3 Ive been through a lot but im still going strong<3 If you ever need anything im always here<3.jpg" />
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Quotes by Rawriloveyou97

ive never come so close to killing myself, nows the time
did you know that im totally in love with you but too afraid to admit it
Tonight I'll be crying myself to sleep.
i just need to vent, please can someone talk to me?
ill never forget last year when i was a my friends house for a sleepover and her brother said i would never be homecoming queen because im not pretty enough
so i met this guy, you know that kind of guy where you can tell him anything without being judged. Hes so special hes just so far away
ive always wanted just a random guy to message me and think i was cute or be interested me....
i cant....i cant do this anymore i cant be here.

to me refusing to eat isnt about loosing weight,
its an unconscious,
form of...

He' s no t perfect you arent ei ther .

The two of you will never be perfect, but if he can make you laugh.

at least once, causes you to think twice.

And if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him.

give him the most that you can.

He isnt going to quote poetry, >

hes not thinking about you every moment,

but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break.

Dont hurt him.

dont change him, dont expect more than he can give.

Dont analyze,

Smile when he makes you happy

yell when he makes you mad,

and miss him when hes not there.

Love hard when there is love to be had.

because perfect guys dont exist.

but theres always one guy.

that is perfect for you.




" bob marley "