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Hey, i'm alyssa. i'm 15, and i'm currently a sophomore. Well, if you ever need help, i'm here to help to the best of my abilities. i want to try and help you, no matter what. If you're feeling depressed, come and talk. I know how it feels. if you self harm. come talk. been there, done that. i'm here to help, no matter what. So, just come on. 
thanks, love you guyys <3

Quotes by Rawrloves

finally, after months of trying to rid myself
i'm free. and it feels great.
i love you.

and i hate it.
I think I'm just about ready to give up.
I've tried, time and time again. 
But I'm tired of trying.
I'm tired of being nice.
my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend.
and yet i can't find the nerve to break up with him..
because i love him too much...
Late nights crying, followed by razor blades hitting the ground.
Late nights crying, followed by razor blades hitting the ground.
And no matter how much I thought we were drifting apart, you always know how to pick up our relationship, and make it better than its ever been before.
And you'd never know how much I was dying inside because of the smile I wore, and the pain I just didn't show.
I saw something similar on here a few minutes ago. And since I'm more than ready to stop cutting;
For every favourite/comment/anything, I'll stop cutting for a day.
For Christmas, I want a new best friend that won't openly flirt with my boyfriend of more than a year, have tickle fights with him, or do anything she knows will hurt my feelings..
I want a best friend who won't make him fall for her instead of me.
I want a new life.
I want to stop cutting.
I want to stop being depressed.