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.About This Girl(:
  ♥The  names  Megan .-I Live In Wisconsin&
   -I Play The Flute<3
 I Blow The Candles Out April 24........Im currently 16 years old<3
 Im Just A Teenager Trying To Find Why I Was Brought To This World.Im Not Normal or Perfect!...I'm Weird & Differen't. Im nice, maybe a lil too nice to some. I have anger issue problems. I wear mostly Blue. Since my fav. color is blue! I dye my hair A LOT! Im kinda impatient. But oh well. Im the kinda girl that , may complain a bit too much, says i don't like this or that ect. a lot, who will talk to herself, smile at anyone, who will rarely cry infront of people, who has a big heart. Who doesn't care about a lot of things, who laughs at her mistakes, who does mest up things, who yells, Im just me!
 The most amazing person in my life, just happen to be my boyfriend

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It only because i love you

To the dudes who think its okay
when you leave a girl because of some lame reason, then come back like if everything is okay.

I hate it:

he just texted me goodnight but yet when i look on his facebook. Hes talking to other girls and commenting on their photos and telling the how cute they are. He doesn't even tell me im beautiful. I hate it. He tells me not to cry but yet i do! I tell him, and he'll be like 'awh baby I Love You im going no where' but yet i don't know if its going to be him thats going somewhere. I think i need to leave him, because its just sooo constant with the flirting with other girls. But yet he gets mad when I talk to other guys, even if their just friends D: this is not how i want my relationship to be. . . . . . .

*If you can help me, please comment or something.I don't want to leave him, but i just need advice!


My best friend. My somewhat of a mother! The one i miss so much right now and wishing I could at least say goodbye to you, one more time right now.
R.I.P. Big Ma! (5/12/12)<3

I take medcine at night,
 So I Don't Wake Up To Think About You All Night...
You Hurt Me, What Am I Supposed To Do?...
Forgive You And Say I'll Be Okay..

I Think Im Done...............For Good This Time!

 Ever since I was



I've always had a song to remind me of a

loved one who has passed away. Its becoming

to that time again to find another song. My

great grandma. the one who has been there f

or me, whenever my dad would hit me, the

only one who could keep my family together.

You ever wathced Soul food? The grand

mother that was in the movie, the one

who died. My great grandma is like her! Im

going to miss her sooo much! but theres notta

day that i won't pray for her lungs to get


Fave if you 

Have Trust Issues 


Bithday is the 24th of April <3
 Can't wait going to have sooo much fun w/ him...
i blame the camera.

If you look inside a girls heart,
You'd find out how much she really cries,
You'll find hidden secrets, best friends, and lies,
But what you'll see the most is how hard it is to
stay strong when nothing is right and everything
is wrong 


Dear Witty,
   I have a confession to make. I cry mysef most nights to sleep because my parents get on my nerves. Some days i feel like running away, and other days i feel like commiting sucide right then and their. My friends always tell me that not the right way to do things, that i don't want to trow my life away. But yet they do not know that ever since I was 12 my life has been like this. 3 years later im only 15 but still, things are the same, I will not commit sucidude but all i ask for is if you don't know the whole story, please don't be sooooo quick to tell me what to do.
 Megan ♥