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.About This Girl(:
  ♥The  names  Megan .-I Live In Wisconsin&
   -I Play The Flute<3
 I Blow The Candles Out April 24........Im currently 16 years old<3
 Im Just A Teenager Trying To Find Why I Was Brought To This World.Im Not Normal or Perfect!...I'm Weird & Differen't. Im nice, maybe a lil too nice to some. I have anger issue problems. I wear mostly Blue. Since my fav. color is blue! I dye my hair A LOT! Im kinda impatient. But oh well. Im the kinda girl that , may complain a bit too much, says i don't like this or that ect. a lot, who will talk to herself, smile at anyone, who will rarely cry infront of people, who has a big heart. Who doesn't care about a lot of things, who laughs at her mistakes, who does mest up things, who yells, Im just me!
 The most amazing person in my life, just happen to be my boyfriend

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