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Quotes by Raxin

A hero is someone who risks personal safety to protect others.

Whistleblowers are heroes.
weaponized stupidity
weaponized ignorance
weaponized loyalty
weaponized pack-think
weaponized fear
weaponized gullibility
weaponized people

Hits happen.
This happens.
To do:
[1] Stop making lists instead of doing.
I don’t mind sharing gossip, but I won’t spread it.
I don’t know if I’m good or evil, but I know I’m special.
Mommy told me so.
Tickle, tickle. Trickle, trickle.
The reason to try in life is that here you are, and you only get one chance, so WTF, why not? Do you have anything better to do? Are you really such a weak operator that you would give up after winning the lottery?

Religious Wars

People are stupid. Many agree that there is one creator, but they see each other as enemies because of the names they use to point to that creator. Can they not imagine that a creator of that magnitude would be equally misrepresented by all names?