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I'm still trying to eff the ineffable.
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Quotes by Raxin

I don’t mind sharing gossip, but I won’t spread it.
I don’t know if I’m good or evil, but I know I’m special.
Mommy told me so.
Tickle, tickle. Trickle, trickle.
The reason to try in life is that here you are, and you only get one chance, so WTF, why not? Do you have anything better to do? Are you really such a weak operator that you would give up after winning the lottery?

Religious Wars

People are stupid. Many agree that there is one creator, but they see each other as enemies because of the names they use to point to that creator. Can they not imagine that a creator of that magnitude would be equally misrepresented by all names?


Pickup line: “May I ask you another question?”

Life is what it is, baby.

I dont know what it is, but whatever it is, thats what it is, and there aint a thing we can do about it other than live it while we have it or forget it forever.
How much more time must pass before we meek finally inherit the Earth? So many generations we've sacrificed waiting for our oppressors to tire themselves of exercising every depravity upon us that it seems we might be stupid after all. Must we grow teeth and become as our enemies in order to end our suffering? Must we adopt the ways of the ones whom we despise? If we became them, we might escape our torture, but would we not also lose ourselves in unbecoming? Once evicted from our hearts, dishonored peace would lose its last refuge and disappear forever. It is our duty to persist and survive no matter how vast the evil grows around us. It is our privilege to take the blows without returning them in order to cherish and protect within ourselves the glowing spark of that most precious of ideas so it may have and keep at least these humble homes.
Would you like to fix the world? It's very easy. We could do it tomorrow. All it takes is for everyone who cares to show up at the same time and state, "They've been ripping us off, and we're stopping it now.” It's as simple as that.

However corrupt, no scam, no corporation, no institution, no law, no government, even no nation stands against sheer number.

It's always been majority rule. Majority rule is a law of nature. It's only when the majority forgets to pay attention and lets the greedy minority do what their disease compels them to do that the world temporarily turns upside down. It’s as easy to right as paying attention.
She's not insane.
She has well-rounded personalities.
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