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Quotes by Raxin

My sister and I grew up in a cat household. Our mom liked cats and we did too, although our dad was indifferent. There was one valid excuse we had when our mom would yell from the other room for us to do something. We could say, "I can't. A cat's on me." We didn't want to move for fear of waking it up, and she understood.
hot soup on a
cold and rainy day as
afternoon turns to evening and
fall turns to winter
They say birds copy car alarms, but I think it’s actually the reverse.

The whole concept of a car alarm is biomimicry to begin with. Dogs have been cooperating with us and sending us audible warnings for ten thousand years or more. Birds have been inventing attention-getting melodies since there were birds, and their dinosaur ancestors were probably doing the same thing. Car alarms are a conceptual mashup of what dogs and birds already do.

Fiduciary Responsibility
Isn’t it interesting how T Rump claims to have a “fiduciary responsibility” to pay as few taxes as possible? Remember that he forgot all about and even actively denied his fiduciary responsibility to his investors and creditors and used the bankruptcy courts four times to avoid those responsibilities and to avoid paying those people what he owed them to the tune of 1.5 billion. Is that really the kind of person some people think should be given the highest office in our land? He’s obviously the kind of person who only thinks of himself. He is about as far away from a “public servant” as you can get. We don’t need to let him anywhere near our country’s money. We don’t need to allow him access to rip off our whole country the way he has ripped off his own business associates in the past. That guy is pure, capitalist evil. Any country that gives a guy like that power deserves whatever pain they get for it.

I lie to myself that you didnt lie to me.
Clinton supporters say it will be a complete disaster if Trump is elected.

Trump supporters say it will be a complete disaster if Clinton is elected.

Do you know what?

They’re both right!
Which one(s) are you?
1)      Hypno-disk
2)      Rogue pet
3)      Secret observer
4)      Master or mistress manipulator
5)      Gold-digging ho
6)      Pimp
7)      Daddy’s little girl
8)      Momma’s boy
9)      Free thinker
10)   Hive-mind drone
11)   Toy truck operator
12)   Wannabe playboy
13)   Pretending to be confused
14)   Comfort seeker
15)   Will never have enough
16)   Addicted to addiction
17)   Living life through a blobject
18)   Fastest thumbs in the West
19)   Forever in the sandbox mindset
20)   Fashionista burnout
21)   Minion maker
22)   Plain as a pigeon
23)   Ugly hot
24)   Waiting to see
25)   Outlier
26)   Special exemption
27)   Learns the rules to know what to break
28)   Willfully ignorant of all responsible topics
29)   Flower growing in a dump
30)   Meme generator
31)   New parent
32)   Motherless child
33)   Missing your grandparents
34)   Water bug
35)   Tree hugger
36)   Assault turtle
37)   Crazy cat lady
38)   Would rather be fishing
39)   Half of an uncoupled couple
My Venus Flytrap is growing a flower.
Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Wikipedia-speak = what you end up with when tens of people collaborate on (battle over) a sentence for fifteen years (and growing). 

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