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Location: West Coast, North America, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way, our local galactic cluster, my Hubble radius, the unknowable
Gender: M
My quotes are original.
I'm still trying to eff the ineffable.
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Work 005 - PAC money

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Steve 6 months ago
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Hi there. I just migrated Witty Profiles to a new server. Did you recently remove your picture or try to update it? It looks like there might be a problem.
Raxin 5 months ago
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Yes. I was trying to update my picture when it failed and gave me a random cat, even with local files that had previously uploaded OK. I tried a few days later and it worked, so I'm guessing you already fixed it. Something else that's still broken is the tags. Newly added quotes lose their user-typed tags when submitted and get the default "quote" tag instead.
Steve 5 months ago
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Interesting. I was wondering why everyone was tagging stuff with "quote"... Thanks for letting me know.
Steve 4 years ago
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"Hidden Quote" shows up for people who you've "ignored". You can see who you are ignoring here: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/ignoring