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Hey my wonderful peeps  im 15!!! and one

of the weirdest chicks you will find on

here.. but not in the rape way hahaha 

sooo follow me sometime or chat me

Quotes by Reagenjo

There is lie in "believe"
over in "lover"
end in "friend"
us in "trust"
and if in "life"
is an
amount of
That amazing
feeling you
get after
you pee
when you have
been holding
it in for a long time
That mini heart attack
you get
when you
reach  into your
pocket and don't feel your

Sleep is my Drug
My bed is my Dealer
And my alarm clock is the Police
Spongbob Quotes

Mr.Krabbs: When I see that two percent I get so !MAD!
Spongebob: When I see that two percent I think of pie :)
Spongebob: Patrick I think we should vow on it

Patrick: well instead of vowing on it why don't we just do it

Spongebob: !PERFECT!
im not following u im just walking closely behind u watching ur every move
I may look like im fine
but inside im dying
I try to hold strong
But sometimes need to let go

bullying its a problem

like=if ur against bullying
forget the RISK

& take the FALL

if it's what you WANT

the its worth it ALL