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I'm finally ready to let go. The first time, I wasn't. Now, I am. Thanks for the fun, everyone, it was good while it lasted. But everything must come to an end, and this is my time. 

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This is my last quote. This is it. I'm finally ready to let go. This will always be apart of me, but I'm junior in High School now. Your little girl is all grown up now. Maybe to many people, I'm being over dramatic. But, it's true. This, my lovelies, is my last quote. I've said this once before, but I wasn't ready to let go. But, now I am, I can feel it within me. No one needs me here anymore, you've all gotten over it, over me. And that's okay, truly, we all go through phases, and I was one of witty's. Witty's reasonstosmile phase. And you're all done now. I can tell. I'm always someone's phase. Always. Why would this be any different? Well, it was fun while it last, witty, but everything must come to an end. And it's my time. Stay gold, everyone, stay gold. 

Reasons To Smile #713
The Book of Mormon.


Reasons To Smile #712
The Sequel to Boy Meets World!

(Girl Meets World)


Reasons To Smile #711
Holding hands across the table.


Reasons To Smile #710
Carrie Underwood.


Reasons To Smile #709
"You'll be fine, partner."


This quote is dedicated to the boys of witty.
The boys who have scars on their wrists, hips, stomach, wherever. Here's to the boys who don't like what they see in the mirror, who skip meals. Here's to the boys who never feel good enough; here's to the boys who go asleep every night with tears in their eyes. This one is for the boys who have ever thought about, or tried, taking their own lives. I'm really glad you're still with us. You're all handsome, wonderful people. You're gonna get through this, you're not alone. I promise.

Reasons To Smile #708
Boys who hug back tighter.


Reasons To Smile #707
Obama winning the election of 2012!


Reasons To Smile #706
Pet Hedgehogs.