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Quotes by Voodoo*

You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

No matter what happens 
keep moving 

No mattter what hits you 
get up 

stay strong
keep fighting  

Places change, people change
That's life.
The one thing that dosent
That's love.

Things seem the bleakest just before they become the brightest
What you didn't realize,
is that when you needed it the most
I was there for you
ready to listen, ready to help
but you were blinded by tears

not wanting to drag me down
Into your darkness
All good stories have an end,
so close this book, 
and open a new one   
Maybe her spirit is meant to stay there,
stay in the place where you first met
where you learned what love means
and where you parted way. 
Through the pink tinted lenses of the past are the lessons for the present and future
Hope is a powerful thing
Life flows like a river.
No matter what gets in the way, it flows on
It's something meant to be enjoyed and cherished.
But it's always changing
And we can't stick too long to the past, because then we loose sight of the beautiful future