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Heyy guys! I'm Renee, & I'm from Pennsylvania.   I am 15 years old & I'm new to Witty.  I would read the quotes on Witty but never really joined until now, ahah.  What I really hope to be when I am older is to become a famous film director.  I love movies & how people can tell their stories through filmmaking.   (BTW: I'm not like obsessed w Harry Potter but i do like the movies & that picture on my profile is one of my favorite lines in all of the movies lol).  Um, I'm a cheerleader, I absolutely love it & the rush it gives me.(:
I'm obbessed w TaylorSwift & like country bands because they sing things that are true & real;  they help you deal w problems.
The past year i lost a good friend - Aire - to suicide & that suddenly opened up a lot of bottled things inside of me that i felt like i had to get out.  I miss her so much but I know she's in a much better place now.  I hope to make a film decidated to Aire. 
I'm a Catholic, which like sounds really random, but I do beleive in God and feel like He has a great plan for me in the future.  I was really depressed in seventh grade, and sometimes I still feel like i never left that place, but I know that God is up there watching over me and He does guide me to making the right the decisions.  
I always felt insercure about myself & still do.  I always find someone who seems like they have a better life than me & that I should try to be more like them.  Then, I just realize that I'm my own person & they're probably dealing with the same stuff that I'm dealing with too.  I just want people to be happy, but sometimes I'm not happy. I want everyone to know they have a great future to look forward too:)
Thanks for reading! <3

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