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Things I like: Younger girls, Pie, and Air.

Things I dont like: Cancer, The color brown, and Death.

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ReeceMcQuin077's Favorite Quotes


"If we build a house in paradise, will we get to heaven still?
If we don't have to live through Hell just to get to heaven
I'ma stay right here, with you, 'til the hurricane comes
'Til the tsunami comes, I've found my golden"

Suicide does not end 
the chances of life
 getting worse,
suicide eliminates
the possibility of it ever
getting better.


Going back to your ex

Is like taking a shower and putting your dirty underwear back on

If I had a choice

To be pretty and popular or Witty Famous...
I would choose Witty Famous
Its all good...
break her heart, make her cry.
Its all because you "care" about her right?



Never hate on someone's idol
it could be (the only reason) they're alive
- Ariana Grande


"One Direction. One band, one path, one dream, one destiny. Another award. The truth is that I don't even have words to express my feelings in this right moment. This last three years flew as fast as the wind blows in a winter morning. I still remember how it all started: from the xfactor to harry's christmas twitcam, to forever young, to what makes you beautiful premiere, to the first brit with the speech that made all directioners cry. the up all night tour. Take me Home announcement to Madison Square Garden and now, you won another Brit. I guess I couldn't be more proud. You have changed my life, and teached me to never give up from my dreams, because one day they will come true. I just want to thank you for this amazing time that I'm living. All the smiles, the laughs and even the dramas. All of this helped me to be who I am today. Can you imagine your life in a different way? Without being where you are today, with millions of fans and doing what you were born to do? Well I can't and I'm thankful for having you in my life, and i know you're thankful for having us in your lives. One more time you made us all proud. Thank You One Direction."

i dont hate you.
its just that....
i hate you.