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"I'm tired of people telling me what to do and trying to live up to everyones expecations
this is my life, not yours"

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It's hard to be
when your life is falling apart right in front of you.

It's even harder when there is nothing you can do about it..


I wish everything,

every minute,


would be okay...


It started out with a kiss,
How did it end up like this? was only a kiss.
                 "it was only a kiss


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So tell me now
if this ain't
then how do we get out?

Cause i don't know.

Format by XxprettixX Removal of credit is punishable by DEATH.


Out of all the things I've lost,
I miss my mind the most.

Though you say i could be your answer, 

nothing lasts forever
no matter how it feels today


For a single moment i want to feel like the universe isn't about to c r u s h me and my heart isn't about to explode.

Don't hate me.

Don't regret me.

Don't ever forget me.