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a splash of color
Even though she doesn't believe in love, 
    he's determined to call her bluff.  

Best Friends.Color Splash

The three best friends that anyone could have. <3

We are three best friends; just trying to survive high school.
Where all the drama, lies, and heartbreak are real.
I can't tell you where I would be without them.
All you need is one great friend
to have your back and I've got two. <3

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Comments by RememberingSundayHDJ

RememberingSundayHDJ 1 decade ago to causeifyoujumpiwilljumptoo
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I love your quotes:]
And I like all the same bands as you too, weird. Never Shout Never= <3.
RememberingSundayHDJ 1 decade ago to RememberingSundayHDJ
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Oh thank you so much! We all like your quotes as well:]