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This is for all of the innocent. This is for the people whose lives were taken for no real reason to cacner, of really any diseas.e This is for the people who didn't deserve to die. IF you have a relative, loved one, friend or a story of a good person with a bad story comment on my profile. We'll make their story known. 

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i a  J oy  C t o

Talia Joy castellano was a 13 year old girl who died on tuesday, July 16, 2013. She had been 

Batteling Cancer for six years prior to her too soon departure from this world. She had

been known to always take a positive look on her condidtion, despite discouraging 

words from her doctors. When interviewd on Ellen she said, "A little fishy once told

me to just keep swimming."She is best known, however, for her youtube channel,  

Taliajoy18, where she posted makeup tutorials and challenges. On the day of her death 

her older sister, Mattia, posted a video on Talias page telling all of her fans of her death 

at 11:22 am and explaining talias legacy. talia always wanted to meet every one of her fans,

to take picture and chat with them and she would want to thank them now for being 

there for her when she died. 

Talias life ended too soon, but as everybody knows, she will be remembered and honored

in the memory of millions of people, her fans,  her family and her friends

Do you have a cancer story? 

A relative, friend, loved one or story that you wish to be shared?

Comment and we will share their story with the world

In loving memory of talia joy castellano