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Heyy ya.. Mi name iz Michelle....AkA Shelly... i am Spanish and i live in Nj.. Umm.. i just like to have fun..go to partys hang with mi friendz..u know.. lol..will ya can IM me if ya want just pleaz dont IM me BYTCHIN.. i HATE dat will Love ya... ~ 1 ~

Quotes by RicanPrincess_08

not all scarz show * not all woundz heall x3
sumtiimes u kant alwaiz c the pain sum1 feels
baby i was all was down before you came along and now we going our seprate ways and it kills me to say it. i have nothing but happiness wit you and the day we split i was crushed hurt and i'm sorry for any pain i caused you. we may not be together here and i know you have somebody else but the hole point is i'm not ready to let it burn and i'm not ready to give you up and i know you feel. the same way because you call me to say good night and that you love me.one thing is it's me or the one u wit? pick one i love u
if you want to see the rainbow
you have to see the (( rain ))*
if you want to see true l.o.v.e*
you have to take the *+ p a i n +*

10o % ME..!!

my heart iz yOur`sZ fOr
the takinq.. sO gO ahed'
take it;* break it.....
it`sZ yOur`sZ tO shatter
for + o n c e + i wish. i could look
in the mirror and be p r o u d of..*
what i see proud of how i turned out
proud of just (( b e i ng )) me *

10o% Me...!!

some t h i n g s just dont
last (( f o r e v e r ))x33

10o me..

tHeY wErE RiGhT WhEn tHeY sAiD
lOvE iiS tHe [`s L o W e S t `] fOrM
of `'sUiCiDe__`bEcAuSe HiS ` LiPs
aRe lAcEd WiTh \cYaNiDe/ .. aNd `
ii'M sO `AdDiCtEd tO HiS KiSs<3//

10o ALL ME..!!


I Love Jon..
the [ t r u t h ] iz
i l.o.v.e yOu... <33

10o me..!

yOu sAid wE laSt fOreVer..

dAmn fOreVer cAme eArlY..</3

10o% Me..

sTrEsSiN ovA these Little bOiz nO loNgA my stYle
i wAnT a ReaL mAn wHo wouLd gO ouTTa hiS waYy
JuSt tA seE me sMiLe..

HoW CaN I MaKe HiM UnDaStAnD ?
HoW CaN I MaKe HiM SeE?
HoW CaN I MaKe HiM ReAliZe
HoW MuCh He MeAnZ Me?
iTs LiKe tHa WaY i FeeL aBOuT yOu
iTs SuMtHinG i CaNT eXpLaiN
iTz LiKe tHa WaY i CaNT HeLP BuT sMiLe
WeNeVa i HeaR uR NaMe

I've SeeN mANy Boyz buT baBy Ur iT
u GoT mE DraWin HeaRtz 'RounD uR
namE n ShyT
The Way u TaLK ThE WaY u SmELL
i Neva ThoUght I'd B triPPin oVa u
..bUt damn
...i FeLL....

100% me..