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Hey guys I'm Megane.
I'm 15,a freshmen, a twin, and i was born in France :)
I LOVE riding, like you don't even understand, lol!
I love horse too, lol who would've guessed? haha
If i could i'd spend all day at my barn :)
I love my friends <3 and my family is everything to me!
Music is my life! I'd die without it!
I'm really shy, until you get to know me, i can be kinda, really weird haha ;)
Anyways hope you guys like my quotes:)



Quotes by Ridingchic

can't take the place of loving you

'Cause for a moment,
a band of thieves and ripped up jeans

got to rule the world

...Well this is awkward
and who else hates moment like this?



 99% of you knows he doesn't like you.

But there's always that small 1% that keeps you going,
because you never know.


Re-WatHinG Disney moVieS;

and undersanting things you didn't when you were younger.

The look you get
from you friends

 when you're talking
to the guy you like.

I wish you loved me.
More than anything.

This is the problem with getting attached to someone:

when they leave you: you just feel lost


And just your  smile,
makes my day

Like roses,

we blossom then die.