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Hey! I'm Riley and I'm 14. I play volleyball and softball and lovelovelove country music (especially Taylor Swift). All I want is summer, like now! I'm a normal teenage girl. There's drama but I don't want my life to be any different from how it is right now <3 
April Vacation!

Quotes by RileyM


I'm So Scared,

But I Don't Sho

It  <    <<3<3

These Days It Seems Like  Everybody's Just Walking Away,

Like there's no forever and love is just a game


Don't try to tell me it stops hurting
And don't try to tell me he's not worth it

& I Don't Know How It Gets Better
Than This  < <<3<3

I like to look through my old quotes and remember exactly what I was feeling and thinking 
when I wrote them 

I'll be strong,
I'll be wrong,
but life goes on


Everything will work out in the end,
and if it's not okay,
It's not the end 

If you're lucky enough to be different,
Don't ever change


"The first time you fall in love,
it changes you forever,
and no matter how hard you try,
that feeling never goes away" 

~ The Notebook 

I Don't Want To Miss Out On The Holiday
But I Can't Stop Staring At Your Face <3