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Listen to all the music and songs
that i love, only then will you be on a 
high enough level of perception and
understanding  to understand who
i truly am.

Souless Crow-

Quotes by RockinWriter2112

Praise Not
The One
Who Leaves
You Broken
Down And

lyrics re written
from A Perfect Cirlces
song Judith

Listen To all of the music and songs that i love 
only then will be on a high enough level
of perception and understanding
to truly understand who i am
we have touched for the last time. 
you are long gone, in love with someone else. 
i now fear nothing but life itself,
and i have learned thar living is a slow way to die. 
i do not believe in life or love anymore.
the joy i feel are the joys of emptiness. 
i hate myself for loving you. 
the fear i feel night after night has developed into a disease. 
no-one can see the emptiness in my eyes. 
to escape life itself seems like the only solution. 
with relief i look forward of letting go of the pain. 
finally... there is peace in my soul. 
to lie dead without a concern, without a tear,
you own my heart,
and life without you is so immensely painful. 
just to think about you, talk about you, dream of you, makes tears stream down
my face. 
i could not imagine life without your beautiful, angelic face. 
your wonderful body and good heart. 
you are everything, i am nothing. 
i want to die. 
but really... i am already dead. Mortal Love-I Want To Die
Music is my religion, music is my savior,
music is my escape when i need to leave the real world
music is my life and i know i could never live
without it.

the way i feel about  and how attracted i am to her can
only be described as out of this world. it feels like i am in a trance
almost like she has put a spell on me but she hasn't. and i can't
understand why i am so attracted to her  it's exciting but at the same terrifying
cause maybe she is the one who will save me from my living hell or maybe she
will shatter what peices are left of my heart. only one way to find out only
time will tell will  she kill me or will she be the one who finally saves me from my own hell..

I hate When People Use The Phrase What A Coincidence.
There Is No Such Thing.
I love the night always have the dark the quite the peacefulness and the sleep
which lets me escape the hell i am in when i am awake.
but i also hate the night because it's when i am alone and feel empty and cold
my thoughts of death,suicide fear and many more take control of me and i just don't
want to live anymore...
It's The Little Things That Kill
Tearing At My Brain Again..
I'll never forget The day I died
love memories Frozen and denied
flower of my heart withered and dried..

I'm hanging by a thread, a rope, the noose 
around my neck I choke cause everytime i'm
falling love falls out of me..

I'm hardend like a rock, a stone, the brick inside 
my chest alone cause everytime i'm falling
love falls out of me...