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Quotes by Vincent Edgar Crow*

We Are Harlot- Someday

So i say this alot because its the truth!
Music has always been my Religion
My guide and my savior!
And the list of songs is never ending!
And in recent years The song i shared above
Has guided me to the girl
That i truley belive in my heart and soul
Is my soulmate! And even though
We are apart most of the time 
it continues to help me hold on
And gets me through the long
dark lonely nights
away from her
And I have no doubts
That it will continue to
Do so until we finally
Reach the days and nights
When we will finally be 
Together forever! ❤

I'm not a hero,
or a villain
Not a god
I'm just a man
Staring through the hourglass
At the footprints in the sand
I'm stripping all my armor
My battles here are done
Wave my white flag to surrender
and fly into the sun.
Like a moth to a flame
my wings burn away
When things are too beautiful
I smash them to pieces
The more that you love me
insecurity releases
And I'll be the one that's to blame
So I'll sell my soul to blaze

Like a moth to a flame...🦋🔥 


If I Could Baby I'd Give You My World
How Can I When You Won't Take It From Me?
If I Could Baby Id Give You My World
Open Up Everythings Waiting For You!

FleetWood Mac- Go Your Own Way..
It's Like An Avalanche
Once You Fall
You're Swept Away
I Didn't Stand A Chance.
Left Hanging On
To Every Word
You Say.

Boston- Didn't Mean To Fall In Love

Gave Up On Love
I Gave Up So Easily
Guess I'm Not So Tough
Cause I Gave Up On Everything
love could be..

Boston- You Gave Up On Love (Revised Lyrics)

I'm always fallin
But something makes me carry on
It's difficult to understand
Why I always wanna fly
I do it for the druuuuuugs!

I do it just to feel aliiiiiiive!...

Smile Empty Soul- Bottom Of A Bottle 
You're beaten, so am I
I've got a heart of stone
No medication can cure
what has taken hold
You're hurting, so am I
When I awaken, remember why
I've been running from your world.
My blood is cold as ice
Or so I have been told
Show no emotion,
and it can destroy your soul
Another sacrifice
To a tormentor
your world wouldn't understand
Turn away again!.
You're angered, so am I
A thousand fires burn
A land of darkness
from which I cannot return
You're aching, so am I
When I awaken,
discover that I have been
damaged by your world
Dishonored by your world
Your world
I'm haunted by your world..

Disturbed- Haunted 

The Thunder Rolls
Disturbing The Peacefulness
Of The night.
As the lighting strikes
Light up the darkness
Splitting the night sky
With a blinding flash
I stand alone 
A storm raging deep insde
 As I look up into the night sky

 a flash blinds me for a moment
And in that moment i Realized
That like myself Mother nature
Needs to scream sometimes!..

 Vincent Crow- The Storm Within. (Possible Lyrics)
Let's take a blast to the moon baby
I sit around wishing you well
How I'm craving you, yeah!
Every time I'm near you
I always want to swallow you down
I'll be right here if ya need me
In my life
ill need you here
don't ask why
I'll never disappear.
My pain is caused
by my pleasure
My soul mate
lives in your body
I can't get you
out of my head
It never goes away!..

GodSmack- Moon Baby 

Slowly dying inside,
too weak to fight it,
too numb to speak about it,
knowing that all you can do
is continue to be silent,

and suffer, alone.

The Ruined.
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