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please don't be in love with someone else
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Ohello there! Whadddup ? I'm Nyla [:
I'm average. I'm the type of girl that's in love with the idea of being in love. I'm 15 years old.I'm sensitive.I pretend I don't care but I care too much.I hold my feeelings in and I've made mistakes, and learned from them.I'll always be by your side.I love giving advice.I'm emotionally guarded.I've been through so much over these few years & it's only made me stronger.I'm SO glad I found witty.Im scared to talk about my problems for fear others will think I'm looking for attention.I pray for better tomorrow's.I'm painfully shy, I'm so self-concious & I like to laugh. I have 3 true beest friends.I like to eat, and I'm not ashamed of that. I read romance novels for fun,I'm very sarcastic. Fashion is my thing. I love clothes. Forever21 is love. Texting/Bbm/Facebook/Tumblr/Witty. I want to be succesful in life; Let's chat! (:






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Not to be a biter, But I want a Witty Bestfriend as welll. Girl or Boy it doesn't matterrr. I just want someone who understands me. We can talk on here, text, I/m on Aim or Msn, or Facebook daily! :D Anyoneee interested? :c
They say l o v e is the key, Somebody changed the lock.
Does anyone know where you paste the code for your layout/background?
First day of Sophomore Year for me tomorrow Witty Sisters! I'm so nervous :/  I keep thinking about it & it's stressing me out.

Any words of encouragement or things I should know?
Your d*ck belongs in your pants, not in your personality.
Don't let anyone get in between your relationships, it's based on 2 people, not 3.

I don't really give a f-ck, and my excuse is that I'm young.

And I'm only getting older, somebody should've told you, I'm one one.

Here’s the thing about Girls, the thing we want the most is to feel
loved. We need to be held and we need to feel important. Without love
we feel like something in our life is missing. We feel that only a guy
can fill that empty void in our hearts. And once a guy fills that void
we lose all sight of reality. But when that guy leaves, for whatever
reason, we shut down. We cry. We cry like a f●●king baby. And you know
what? That’s ok, because we’re girls. After we get broken up with we
still mange to hold on to this ridiculous false hope that maybe
someday we’ll be together again. But that’s not going to happen. But
do we except that? Of course not! Feelings don’t die because we keep
feeding them with memories. That’s why it’s so hard to move on. People
tell us we’re better off without him or that we don’t need a boyfriend
to be happy. And honestly, we don’t want to hear it. But it’s what we
need to hear. So it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be really really
hard. But all you can do is hold your head up pick up the pieces and
move on. Don't think about it. The more you think about it the more
power you give it. You can’t move forward while you’re still looking
backwards. Life, unfortunately, waits for no one.
Just when you least expect it, you start to picture yourself with him.
And you think about the way he makes you happy, and how he makes you laugh. And you
that you care about him a lot more than you thought you did.