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RoseAnne4ever's Favorite Quotes

theres always that one person
who when u start talkin to them
ur all happy and cheery
and ur smiling
but by the end of the conversation
u find urself hating urself
and crying
and wishing it wasn't that complicated

theres always that one person
who can make u smile
but at the same time make u cry

theres always that one person


Happinness can be found,

even in the darkest of times,


I have your hand

I never going to let you go
DON'T judge me because i'm to "skinny", i'm always sad, i'm always happy, because you DON'T know what i'm going through, or how hard it is. you DON'T know the real me. and i DON'T plan on it.
This quote does not exist.

           You're broken.
              You've been played, lied too, cheated on, and forced. 
              You have trouble letting people in because you're afraid they'll
              just hurt you and leave like everyone else.
              You don't want to love because you're afraid that you won't be
              loved back.
              You fake a smile everywhere you go because you think no one will
              understand what you're going through.
              You're scared, depressed and you feel like you're alone.
              You're broken. 






And I know I'm not the;
Easiest one to love,
But every once I have; I invest in you. 


teacher: use the word harassment in a sentence
boy: i was in love with this girl and harassment a lot to me.

- tumblr.
i giggled like a small child when i got the joke.



           I lay in bed, for hours in the dark, at night.
              Thinking of every possible thing I fcked up in my life. 




The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be and whatever you make it.