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Quotes by RoseGold

Ample make this bed.
Make this bed with awe;
In it wait till judgment break
Excellent and fair.

Be its mattress straight,
Be its pillow round;
Let no sunrise' yellow noise
Interrupt this ground. 
I was so much
I have acid rain in my brain
And its killing the flowers in my heart
And when I fantasize at night 
Its always your eyes 
as I romanticize 
what might have been mine 
if I hadn't sized him up so quickly

At least my dear friend's his wife 
At least I get to keep his eyes in my life
I should've known
I should've known
The world was wide enough
Were both at his side when he died
Death doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
History obliterates
In every picture it paints
It paints me and all my mistakes
This means war

You played with her and broke her heart
You tried the same with m
Shame I didn't have one from the start 

You are much better than you pretend to be

You are the sunshine in the sky
and the blush in my cheeks